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Can someone please tell me what is so special about Guitar Hero? I was mingling around in Target over the weekend at two different locations and at both stores, I saw people buying Guitar Hero. Granted, I don't know if they were on sale but with the holiday season rapidly approaching, it made sense to grab them while they were still on available on the selves.

Teenage boys and I image girls as well have played air guitar for years. With air guitar, you didn't need to know how to play but only how to look really cool. Since the introduction of the game Hero Guitar, the closest thing to the real thing is this game.

I have to admit, the concept is pretty neat and simple. Yeah, I know all the programming wasn't that simple but to use it is another story. I got to looking around and found that not only was the guitar controller available, then you have wireless controllers. The number of accessories available will cause your head to swerve. If you got a teenager at home, then they are hinting for you to buy every accessory available for guitar hero on the earth. They will just die if they don't get it.

Being an aging baby boomer, I still love my rock and roll. Ok I own up to it, I still play a mean air guitar but only if I am the only person in the room. Rocking with CCR brings back a lot of memories, Vietnam, and wild times of the sixties. If we only had the Guitar Hero back then!

This game is so popular you can even find guitar face covers for the guitar controllers. Some of these designs are pretty impressive and reminds me of the real guitars you could spend a small fortune on. I guess if you are going to do some serious guitar game playing, then you would your gear to reflect how you feel and not embarrass you.

What ages are best suited for Guitar Hero? After watching and learning, it appears that if you can pick up the guitar controller and hold it like a guitar, then you are old enough to start rocking. It seems, this game has no age limit. If you think about it, that is impressive. No wonder, they are flying off the shelves.

I am wondering if I should go buy me one. Of course, I could use the excuse that I am buying it for my granddaughter. Naturally, I would have to open the box and try it out to make sure it work perfectly before giving it to her. I can't take the chance of giving her a defective gift, could I? I have to dig into my closet and get out my bell bottoms and tie died shirt, dark sunglasses and some flashing strobes and I would be ready to really check this instrument out. Now if I could only get my wife to go along with this, I could be rocking shortly better than I did with my favorite air guitar.

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